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It was Fall of 2020 and I remember telling my good friend "I really want to experience Van life...please don't let me back out of it." Fast forward to July 2021 and I was being handed the keys to a 2018 Ford Transit van....and I was terrified. I had sold my house, just traded in my car and committed my next 4 months to building the van and making a plan. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and keeping up on all my adventures! Stumbles and falls have and will continue to happen, so best believe I will share those too = p.  Hope this sparks some curiosity and motivation for you to work towards a goal you have for your life! We only get one....might as well enjoy it.  


"Sometimes you don’t need a plan...

sometimes you just need to breathe, 

trust...let go and see what happens"


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